(*) = Unique Units (for a specific civilization, they replace general units)

Unit-------------- Technology Required Notes---------------------------------------------------------

Ancient Era

Archer Archery Ranged Attack Only
Brute* (none) Barbarian replacement for Warrior
Chariot Archer The Wheel Mounted Ranged
Galley* (none) Barbarian ship
Hoplite* Bronze Working Greek replacement for Spearman
Immortal* Bronze Working Persian replacement for Spearman
Jaguar* Bronze Working Aztec replacement for Spearman
Scout (none) Recon Unit
Settler (none) Non-combat, City Establishment
Spearman Bronze Working Melee
Trireme Sailing Ship
War Chariot* The Wheel Egyptian replacement for Chariot Archer
War Elephant* The Wheel Indian replacement for Chariot Archer
Warrior (none) Melee
Workboat Sailing Non-combat, Makes Water Improvements
Worker (none) Non-combat, Makes Land Improvements

Classical Era

Ballista Mathematics Roman replacement for Catapult
Catapult Mathematics Siege
Companion Cavalry Horseback Riding Greek replacement for Horseman
Horseman Horseback Riding Mounted Melee
Legion Iron Working Roman replacement for Swordsman
Mohawk Warrior Iron Working Iroquois replacement for Swordsman
Swordsman Iron Working Melee